Endorsing the privacy of our client is a fundamental concern in Office Com Setup LLC. and when it is implemented practically as a policy it provides you a clear understanding of how personal information is collected, used and distributed by us.

Collection of Personal Information:

Clients’ personal information is collected from websites and applications. On websites, the information is submitted either by users or it is collected by the applications during the usage. The collected information includes names and e-mail addresses, gender, education, date of birth, preferences, interests and any other information requested from time to time. The popular method of collecting information ends up by including of Cookies and Call Recording.


Cookies are small files that collect a clients’ personal information and his thorough experience with a site. The collected information by cookies is used for improvement. Cookies a popular medium ends up counting the number of computers approaching on a website, customizing the whole things and memorizing a PC user’s preferences. If your browser is set to reject cookies or not to accept, you won’t be able to access some specific features/services of our websites.

Call Recording:

We reserve the right to record calls for Internal monitoring and raising the quality of services up. However, respecting the privacy of clients, we give freedom to the client to either disconnect a being recorded call or requesting us not to record the call.

Personal information related usage clauses:

The personal information we collect is used only for improvement of a client’s whole experience with our services purpose. The same information helps us in a long way improving a client’s overall experience not only with the websites but with applications also. Also helps us not only in providing a authorize response to comments and questions but also making it sure for a perfect customer experience. By Using the same collected information related to their accounts, confirmations, invoices, bills, services, technical notices, updates, security alerts, support and administrative messages we send information about new promotions, services, products offered by us and our collaborated partners.

Endorsing the client confidentiality:

We make sure to take reasonable security parameters to protect a client’s personal information from being misused and unauthorized access, disclosure. On the other hand, although we make best efforts, no security parameters are guaranteed full-proof. As being a part of the mentioned privacy policy, we end up giving clients a chance to opt out of receiving promotional emails from us by writing to us at info@office.com-setup-activation.com. Similarly, following along with this privacy clause not only put a stop to any promotional marketing but any information sharing between third parties also. Allowing them to do so by dropping an email at info@office.com-setup-activation.com

Changes to the Privacy Clause:

If there are the changes of any type occur to personal information, we encourage our clients to correct or update it ASAP. There is also a possibility to change this Policy from time to time. If any changes are made to the Policy, the company will notify the clients about changing the “Last Updated” date as and when it would really happen. Additionally, if there are any material changes to the policy, we will notify our clients directly.

For more details, please write to us at e-mail us at info@office.com-setup-activation.com or contact us at:

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Phone: 1-844-666-8616